Kids Online Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to teach yoga to kids


Help children to become aware of their bodies

Build Balance

Help children build balance, concentration and      co-ordination


Help children to maintain flexibility and build strength in their growing bodies

How to Breath

Teach children how to breathe deeply and fully

Deal with Stress

Give children tools to deal with stress and difficult situations

Self Esteem

Help to build their self-esteem and to learn self-acceptance

Course Information

• The training meets the requirements of the Yoga Alliance International for a 200-hour Kids Yoga Teachers Training.
• The training is available to anyone with a love and passion for yoga and kids and is attending regular yoga classes.
• You do not need to be a yoga instructor, but general yoga knowledge is helpful.
• The training is set over 4 modules.
• If you want the full international certification, you need to complete all 4 modules, including the criteria for each module.
• There are compulsory homework assignments at the end of each module that will need to be completed before continuing with the next module.
• These are to help build your confidence in teaching and to help start off your first few lesson plans.
• At the end of the training you need to send me footage of you teaching a yoga class so that I can give helpful feedback if needed.
• You have 12 months to complete the training, so take your time to get comfortable with each module before moving on to the next.
• Start practicing these techniques with children as soon as you can, to start building your confidence.
• The more you teach, the better you become at it.
• Spend an hour a day researching and practicing, it’s the best way to learn.

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GWTF Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training 3-12 years


GWTF Studio offers a 200-hour online kids yoga teacher training program, accredited by the Yoga Alliance International.

The GWTF Online Kids yoga teachers training program is aimed at teaching teachers, parents, therapists, yoga instructors and anyone else who has a love for yoga and a love for children and would like to bring this into schools, studio’s or even your home.

Children’s Yoga is a fun, creative and playful way for children to learn about keeping their bodies and minds healthy with yoga.  This program includes breathing exercises to help children with correct breathing patterns, yoga postures to help increase strength, flexibility and coordination, and relaxation techniques to help children to be able to center easily and effortlessly.

This program is jam packed with fun age appropriate teaching tools and techniques, on how to teach yoga to children aged 3-12 years old.

You will receive posture books, lesson plans, video footage and clips of yoga classes, sequences and postures

Everyone completing this program will have a complete understanding of how to teach yoga to children.

It is important to know that yoga knowledge is very important for this training, as you can’t teach what you don’t know, so if you are not already attending yoga classes, now is the time to start.

Benefits of Teaching Kids Yoga

  • You help children to become aware of their bodies.
  • You help children build balance, concentration and coordination.
  • You help children to maintain flexibility and build strength in their growing bodies.
  • You teach children how to breathe deeply and fully.
  • You help children to improve restless sleeping patterns.
  • You give children tools to deal with stress and difficult situations.
  • You help to build their self-esteem and to learn self-acceptance.

Module 1


Introduction into teaching kids’ yoga

• The benefits of kid’s yoga
• Guidelines to teaching a class
• Structure of classes for different age groups
• How to deal with behavior in the class
• The benefits of correct breathing
• Demonstrations and practice of calming and energizing breathes for all the ages
• Demonstrations and practice of how to use breathing props for all age groups
• Demonstrations and practice of warming up exercises for all the age groups
• Demonstrations and practice of fun warming up sequences for all the age groups
• Demonstrations and practice of chants and affirmations for the different ages
• Demonstrations and practice of relaxation exercises for the different age groups
• How to set up your own practice, including practicing all of the above techniques
• Lesson planning for the different age groups
• How to create your own yoga stories and characters for different yoga postures
• How to create your own guided imagery for all ages
• How to bring puppets, music and visuals into your classes
• Fun yoga games for big groups

Self-Practice Sessions

• 1 hour a day practicing breathing exercises, warm up exercises, yoga postures, relaxations and games and homework assignments.
• Creating 1 character or story suitable for ages 3-6 years
• Creating 1 guided imagery suitable for age 3-6 years.
• All assignments to be emailed to me before module 2.

Cost of Module 1 = R 2500

Module 2


Teaching of life skills to children of all ages.

• Covering all the basic life skills for happy and emotionally health children. Including fun games and activities to be used in a yoga class.
   - Self-Esteem
   - Self-Acceptance
   - Anger and stress management
   - Healthy ways of living…covering basic nutrition
   - Mindfulness…covered in full in module 3
• Learning about the Chakra Energy System and all the healing postures and foods relating to each one.
• How to bring Art Therapy into the yoga class.
• Yoga Therapy for the special needs child.

Self-Practice Sessions

By now you should be familiar with the yoga postures from module 1. Now you can start expanding your knowledge looking for new examples. There are many books and examples online. Have fun!

• 1 hour a day looking up and practicing of new kid’s yoga postures, breathing exercises, warm up exercises, games and relaxations.
• Research and write a one-page assignment on your understanding of the Chakras.
• Creating 1 character or story suitable for ages 7-9 years
• Creating 1 guided imagery suitable for age 7-9 years.

Cost of Module 2 = R 2500

Module 3


• An introduction to mindfulness and bringing mindfulness into your classes.
• Children’s anatomy and Physiology
• Bringing yoga into the school
• Brain breaks for the classroom
• How to start your own business, including how to approach school and studio’s, Marketing and much more.

Self-Practice Sessions

• Continue daily practice sessions.
• Creating 1 character or story suitable for ages 9-12 years
• Creating 1 guided imagery suitable for age 9-12 years.

Cost of Module 3 = R 2500

Module 4


• Demonstration and practicing of partner postures.
• How to teach family yoga classes.
• Yoga philosophy and bringing it into your daily lives and kids classes.
• Write a one-page assignment on your experience throughout this Teachers Training.

For this module you will need to watch all the classes I have sent to you, as well as record yourself teaching a class for any of the age groups and send it to me, so that I can send you back feedback on how it went.

Cost of Module 4 = R 2500

MyBaby Brain Building Movement Program

Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome to this amazing MyBaby Brain Building Program.  This program is set out to teach you how to bring the wonderful benefits of movement to Mom and baby, by using fun exercises, songs and rhymes.  Through movement we are building and strengthening pathways to the brain that are vital for babies’ development and future abilities to learn and focus once at school.

Course information…

  • The importance of movement and how it aids your babies brain development.
  • The importance of the order of the developmental milestones
  • The importance of crawling
  • The importance of touch
  • The importance of using songs and rhymes
  • Body awareness and sensory integration
  • Sensory integration activities
  • Baby movement routine for digestion, muscles, joints, flexibility and lots more.


What you receive…


  • A manual with all course information, and pictures of all exercises and routines.
  • Online video clips of all routines.


If you would like to receive a certificate at the end of your course please email me, letting me know how this course has helped you.



Cost: R2500

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's About the Training

FAQ's About Kid's Yoga

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About Me

I come from a pre-school teaching background and have been working with kids for the past 20 years. I also developed a great love for yoga about 10 years ago, and because yoga has benefited me in so many ways it is a perfect fit and an absolute joy to be able to share this love with kids.

I completed a 200-hour kids teacher training in 2009 and have been teaching kids yoga since then. I then completed a 200-hour adult Satyananda teachers training and have been teaching adults since then. In 2015 I was accredited through The Mindful Living Academy as a children’s mindfulness and meditation practitioner.

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