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About Breathing

Correct breathing is very important as we receive oxygen and much needed nutrients from the air we breathe. There are many different ways to teach breathing techniques that help us to be calm and centered as well as breathing techniques that give us energy when we are tired.

Benefits of correct breathing:

Breathing helps develop self-regulation
Breathing helps release tensions and toxins
Breathing helps bring calmness and clarity to the body and mind Breathing helps to manage stress
Breathing helps bring much needed nutrients to the blood Breathing helps eliminate ‘sluggishness’ in kids

Calming Breathing Exercises

All these exercises have a calming effect on children helping them center and let go of any worries, stresses and anxieties.
Start off practicing for three breathes and then gradually move up to five, and then continue adding on breathes as the children become more comfortable with the exercises.

Energising Breathing Exercises

When you are feeling sluggish and tired, these breathing exercises will help to re-energize the body, and cleanse the body from toxins.

Always get children to breath-in through the nose, as this way they draw more oxygen into the body.