Working My Worries Away



About Working My Worries Away

Correct breathing is very important as we receive oxygen and much needed nutrients from the air we breathe. There are many different ways to teach breathing techniques that help us to be calm and centered as well as breathing techniques that give us energy when we are tired.

Working off my worries cards are the perfect way for children to work off their worries in a fun way and can be used at home or in the classroom.

Kids often need a mental break from class work or homework, something to fuel the brain and relieve frustration from sitting for too long. Short brain brakes have been proven to reduce stress, frustration, anxiety and to help with self-regulation.

Use at home:

Use these card as brain brakes when doing homework, studying for a test or even when doing your chores.

Use at school:

Use as brain brakes when you can see your students are getting restless, unable to concentrate or just in need of a bit of a boost.